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100+ Common Email Spam Trigger Words and Phrases to Avoid

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100+ Common Email Spam Trigger Words and Phrases to Avoid

One of the critical aspects of email marketing is the number of times your email is read by the recipient. There can be many reasons for low delivery and open rate. Your email might be too heavy, it can be too short, too casual, or utterly boring.

Email filters are sophisticated tools that are smart and intuitive. They work on set rules and easily catch potential spam and stop them from reaching to inbox. If you want proof, check your spam folder. You can easily find 10-20 spams daily.

You surely don’t have time to spend on the spam folder; you just trash it with a single click. Ever wondered how all those emails end up being in spam folders? It is because the people sending those emails never realized that using words and phrases that are spam triggers are actually making it easy for email filters.

Here is a comprehensive list of 100+ common email spam trigger words and phrases that to be avoided.

Personal and Adult

These words are way too personal at times and cause instant suspicion. Don’t try to use them while trying to be friendly. These words in the subject line of email mean the email is definite spam.

• Meet singles

• Meet singles in your area

• Score with babes

• Hot

• Congratulations

• My friend

• Dear friend

• Please help

• Easy date

• Collect child support

• You are special to us

• Viagra

• Xanax

• Information you requested

• For you only

• Dear

• Friend

• Hello

• Wife

• Teen

• Satisfaction

• Problems

• Satisfaction

Retail and Sale Related

These words or phrases may necessarily be spams. Even if you have to use it, make sure to use them judicially. There is no point flashing them for no reason. The message has to be a subtle one. Also, try not to use them more than once or use alternative words instead.

• Discount

• Buy direct

• Clearance

• Buy

• Free gift card

• Your order status

• Shopper

• Order shipped by

• Sale

• Incredible deal

• Special discount

Marketing Related

These ones are super hard to avoid. However, you have to strike a balance. Let’s say you are sending a newsletter related to search engine optimization training. You will have to use the word. Use as per the context and wisely. Here are a few marketing-related words that attract spam filters immediately.

• Marketing solution

• Search engine

• Online leads

• Not spam

• Web traffic

• Visit our website

• Click

• We hate spams

• Open now

• Click here

• Click to remove

• Open it

• Unsubscribe

• This is not junk

• Direct marketing

• Multi-level marketing

• Opt-in

The Free Stuff

It’s stupid to swamp the email subject line with Free word. Everyone is smart enough to know that nothing comes for free in the world. So, does the spam filter. Everything that is claimed to be free has a cost associated with it. In this case, the cost is finding the spam folder. I’m sure you don’t want to pay such a cost as a genuine email marketing professional.

• Free sample

• Free trial

• Absolutely free

• Free quotes

• Free gifts

• Free consultation

• Free hosting

• Free offer

• Free website

• Free option

• Free unlimited access

• Free ad-on

• No obligation

• No strings attached

• Free download

Call to Action and Urgency

CTA or call to action is a good tactic. However, it has to be genuine. Words or phrases that try to create unnecessary urgency are sure-shot spam triggers. Here are a few common ones to avoid.

• Call now

• Act now

• Fast cash

• Limited offer

• Limited supply

• Ending today

• Amazing offer

• Pennies on the dollar

• While stock lasts

• Take action

• Get it now

• Get it today

• Bonus offer today only

• Instant download

• Instant access

Finance Related

Finance related words are perhaps the most common spam triggers, although they are not obvious like the free stuff. It’s hard to believe they are still widely used when all email filters know how to block them.

• Avoid bankruptcy

• Lower Interest rates

• Your income

• Social security

• Lower your mortgage rate

• Refinance home

• Get paid

• Lowest insurance rates

• Full refund

• Lower fees

• Consolidate debts

• Easy money

• Extra income

• Risk-Free

• Additional income

• $$$

• Cashback

• Financial freedom

• Bonus

• Investment opportunity

• Big bucks

• Best Price


Unless you are genuinely offering a job to somebody, it is almost criminal to send job-related junk mails. Although, if your email or newsletter actually talks about jobs, then you may use these words carefully.

• Online biz opportunity

• Work at home

• Work from home

• Money making

• While you sleep

• University diploma

• Online degree

• Earn extra cash

• Home-based

• Home-based business

• Double your income

• Income from home

• Earn per week

• Make money

• Earn quick $

Medical Related

Medical-related words or phrases are pure click baits. How else can you explain having a personal medical history of someone and send related emails? Do not make the mistake of using such words.

• Life insurance

• Human growth hormone

• Weight loss

• Stop snoring

• Online pharmacy

• No medical exam

• Lose weight

• Medicines

• Remove wrinkles

• Valium

• Vicodin

• Reverse aging

Very Common Adjectives

You may think that these are legit words and shouldn’t be considered spams. However, it is not the case. Filters usually catch them. Think twice before using them.

• Fantastic

• Certified

• Promise you

• Congratulations

• Guaranteed

• Risk-free

• Real thing

Bonus Tips

There are some pointers to keep in mind.

• Anything that is ALL CAPS is sure shot spam material. Mind your caps lock key.

• Avoid using extra punctuation between words or exclamation signs.

• Avoid the use of special characters.

• Using spaces between each letter. Spaces should be between words, not letters. It’s a blunder you should not make.


Be at your creative best, and avoid the common spam trigger words and phrases. It won’t guarantee you instant success; however, you can rest assured to see some improvement in your email’s success rate in finding the recipient’s mailbox.

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