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10 Ways to Grow Your Email Lists

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04 Jan 2021


The success of your marketing campaign majorly depends on the nature of your email list which is an integral part of email marketing. Since both email lists and email marketing are inseparable, the target of having successful marketing will be jeopardized if the former is poorly designed. The email list has the ability to bring tremendous improvement to marketing campaigns that can bring more sales. Although there are several proposed definitions for email lists, it can be described as a group of email addresses that are used to foster communication between prospective customers and the business.

For the sake of uniformity, you’re advised to maintain the list of both new and existing customers. It’s important to remember that a functional email marketing message touches on important information, including periodical updates about the products as well as exciting offers that are available on the market. One incredible feature of an email list is its inability to remain static over time. In other words, your email list is bound to change as it receives new subscribers while losing the existing subscribers in equal measures. This explains why your email list will grow and shrink seasonally.

There’s no doubt that email marketing is a huge asset that your business needs to prosper. This is supported by the fact that there are billions of email customers that can be accessed through this marketing tool. Over the years, email marketing has proved more reliable in terms of customer retention than social media platforms. As a matter of fact, customers are most likely going to read your email than the post that you made on your Facebook. To ensure that your email bears the much-needed results, we’ve provided 15 strategies that will increase your email list.

1. Come up with valuable content

Users sign up for your emails because they certain that you’re content will be of greater benefit to them. Lots of users will unsubscribe to your emails whenever they sense that it’s not serving the rightful purpose. You have got an opportunity to increase your email list if you put more emphasis on creating content that touches on three important aspects, including being educative, interesting, and to say nothing of engaging.

2. Know your target audience better

There are several benefits that’ll be realized when you understand the unique features of your target audience. If you’re a marketer, this attribute will help in designing a message that your prospects will love leading to higher sales in the longest run. The first thing to do if you want to understand your audience better is to conduct what’s known as email analytics. If this method sounds strange, trust your ability in coming up with specific characteristics of your fans. Basic information that needs to be incorporated in your research includes demographics together with customer behavior.

3. Make it possible for followers to share the message with other platforms

Social media marketing may not be as effective as email marketing but take your content to greater heights. With more than 5 billion users, it’s possible to add a few members to your list. In order to do this, you’ll be to come up with buttons that link to social media platforms for easy sharing. With this feature, you’ll be in a position to send your content to another potential customer without much struggle.

4. Have separate lists for your audience.

Putting the audience in separate groups will only be possible if you dully understand the composition of your audience. While grouping your followers, you should go for factors that unite them such as age, location, behavior among others. This will ensure that you have a message that targets a particular group of clients for greater achievement.

5. Always have an opt-in campaign

The essence of having an opt-in campaign is to ensure that followers master the art of responding to emails that are sent to them. This involves sending an email to prospects threatening to delete any email address that fails to respond to a specific email address. Although it may be true that this practice goes against the willing buyer willing seller principle, it will give you the opportunity of having the right audience.

6. Create a link in your employee signatures

This is the fastest method that you can use whenever you want your email lists to grow substantively. It involves having a link to a landing page that will allow people to subscribe to emails from the email signatures of your employees.

7. Make it a requirement for one to use an email address to gain access to your online forum.

Making it mandatory for anyone to provide their email address in accessing your website will also increase your email membership. This is a common requirement in most blogging sites where you’re required to provide email before gaining entry.

8. Organize several contests

Even though this strategy is uncommon, it can bring positive results in the shortest run. To use the strategy, you’ll be required to host a contest that will need one to provide an email to participate. On the negative side, it’s not the best practice if you want to have long-term effects.

9. Have provisions that allow subscribers to provide feedback

We cannot deny the fact that a lot of people would love to comment on the posts that they find interesting. You need to take advantage of this by asking them to provide their email address before making any comment.


The growth of the business email list will ensure that the business has more prospects who can be converted to actual buyers with the help of well-designed email marketing content. Over the years, email marketing has proved trustworthy as far as the prosperity of business enterprises is concerned. There are numerous strategies that can be employed to fatten your email list. These include coming up with valuable content, understanding your target consumers, organizing contests together with others.

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