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10 Hot Tips to Improve Your B2B Telemarketing Results

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04 Jan 2021


Telemarketing is making calls and engage customers to buy your product.

By hearing telemarketing, first of all the thing comes to our mind is that annoying calls that everyone receives very often and we hung up immediately. Such calls are made in B2C business. Instead of B2C business, B2B telemarketing is totally different. Eliminate that typical mind set of telemarketing that developed on our minds. Agents call us and make ourselves believe in their products about which we didn’t even heard before. In this way, annoying calls happen and customers get distracted by these calls.

Instead of such B2C calls, business to business calls are totally different. Specific people having very fluent knowledge about business to business calling and then make calls. Describe your products in detail and then understand the business owner’s mind set. After maneuvering mind set, now it time to bid your proposal. By having such great attitude, business will lead you to earn success. Telemarketing is a well-known form of marketing campaign. Instead of other vast and general campaign such as mails, social media etc. telemarketing is so specific. It leads to the answers directly from agents that are on calls. No wait, no ignoring, no other confusion about brands just dial number and satisfy your mind by taking answers about all queries.

There are following tips that are followed to improve telemarketing and getting results.

Understanding value:

Telemarketing team should be professional and also understand their as well company’s value. After this understanding, they will know very well about interests of people. not lean so much that your back starts pain and also not iron your girdle that it hurts the most. Be moderate and try to convince other business owners by varying proposals. Try to tell them something different that they have heard about your company and product. In UK, recent studies showed that 90% business owners expand their businesses by telemarketing. They consider telemarketing a blessing for them.

B2B data lists:

Make sure that your B2B data lists are flawless. If errors occur in data lists then no one can save a company from disasters. Marketing team of telemarketing can only work if you have proper and efficient target oriented B2B data lists.

Realistic goals:

Realistic goals should be developed and never build castles in the air. Try to stick to ground otherwise high waves will wash you off from beach. Develop a clear telemarketing structure for your campaign and after launching successful campaign, maintain your team and make them remind your company goals and targets. This will bring customers as everyone will do its job efficiently.

Time consuming

According to studies, good B2B marketing takes time. A very well defined and accurate in all niches marketing campaign takes about six months to dig in the market for your products. So, telemarketing is also an investment. Don’t rush towards results. Take time and see the consequences. Time will bring you customers as well as new leads.

According to recent studies in UK, average 80 calls can produce new lead. This was the analysis of about 29000 calls that were made by agents. Hence, this process is to take easy and sit tight and see the consequences.


Telemarketing should be integrated with other marketing means. Don’t isolate your marketing campaign as it will lead to destruction. Single engine can’t take up much that’s why integration is necessary. Multi-channel approach should be dealt.


Outsourcing your telemarketing requirements can free up valuable time for your sales team, and help to ensure that no leads slip through the net.


In telemarketing, innovation plays a very important role in making new leads. If you try old customers again and again, they will be fed up with your calls and your company will lose credibility. That’s why new people should be added in this circle. Make new lists regularly and update new contact on regular basis. Hence, innovation will lead to better telemarketing. If you make 200 calls then almost 180 calls should be made errorless. All contacts should be updated on time.

Better knowledge:

As we have heard, knowledge is king.yes, is also true with telemarketing. Make your team well aware about clear and concise information about the customers. Agent should know completely about the business, partners and other minor details of customers. These are not B2C calls so B2B calls should be efficient and target oriented.

Vary call times:

Don’t make calls always from 9 to 5. As this is office time but people don’t want to hear normal things and in normal ways and time. That’s why vary your time. Early morning and evening calls can make difference and these abnormal things will create curiosity among customers and they will hear your proposal keenly.

Don’t act like B2C agents:

Your team should understand their value and importance. Make team aware that they are not agents of a B2C company. Team has to deal with large business men and they will bring change in the culture of B2C dealings.

In B2C calls, agents often get harassed and bullied. Customers don’t care about self-respect of agents and cry over them. Some people are getting harassed on daily basis and some of them are becoming psycho with the passage of time. it’s their job to procure products for their business. A structured, personalized and professional approach to each call is most likely to have a positive outcome.

In a recent B2B lead generation survey, 31% cited telemarketing as their most effective lead generation channel, falling behind only email (42%) and live events (35%).


Telemarketing results are improved by adopting all above measures. A beginner can follow these steps and make his business global. There is nothing that impasse the growth of people. telemarketing in fact generates new ways to deal with modern marketing problems.

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