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10 Best SMTP Services for Reliable Email Marketing

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09 Sep. 2020


Email is essential in running WordPress websites. To send emails, WordPress uses PHP. Unfortunately, most hosting providers do not configure PHP properly. if this is the case, then your WordPress emails are not getting delivered to your recipients. This is where SMTP services come in. They provide a simple remedy to this problem. However, SMTP is many in the market, and identifying those that can facilitate reliable email marketing can be challenging. Are you looking for the best SMTP service providers? This article will discuss the 10 best SMTP services for reliable email marketing. Read more to find out….

SMTP services help you to send emails to your users from your website. They are configured to ensure that your emails reach users' inbox and don't end up in the spam or junk folders.

To thrive in the world of email marketing, you need a record of high email deliverables. This can only happen if you make good use of these SMTP services:

1. Wp Mail SMTP

Apart from the fact that it is simple to use and set up, WP Mail SMTP allows you to use any SMTP email service provider to send your WordPress emails to your users. It is one of the most popular and it is considered to be the best WordPress SMTP plugin which is available freely. However, you can always upgrade to pro plugin to access more features.

If you feel you can't set up the plugin on your own, white Glove Setup will be ready to assist you. Just sign up for the Elite Plan and get an expert solution!

2. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is one of the best email marketing SMTP service providers of all time! It avails a great marketing platform for marketers with transactional email, SMS marketing, email marketing as well as live chat.

Sendinblue works best with WordPress website as well as other marketing tools such as Optinmontser, google analytics, and salesforce. It also helps you achieve a great email marketing campaign by offering powerful personalization and marketing automation features. It is simple to use and contains email templates that you can customize.

3. Mailgun

With powerful APIs, the Mailgun SMTP enables developers and businesses to easily send, receive, and track transactional emails. Mailgun is easy to integrate into your WordPress site. Unlike other SMTP service providers, Mailgun does not offer beginner-friendly features. For this reason, it is highly recommended for developers.

4. Sendgrid

Sendgrid is a powerful cloud-based SMTP service provider that allows you to send mass emails without having to manage an SMTP server. Setting it up is simple and can work with any WordPress site.

Sendgrid provides email analytics, email templates with a simple email editor, and an easy way to get feedback for the emails you send to users.

It provides tools such as dedicated IP addresses and domain name authentication tools that improve the deliverability of email.

5. Amazon SES

Amazon SES is a great SMTP service suitable for developers and marketers that enable them to send a transactional, notification, as well as, marketing emails to their clients.

It offers powerful features that are suitable for developers and advanced users. With Amazon SES, high deliverability is guaranteed. With a little help from Wp Mail SMTP plugin or another, setting up Amazon SES and integrating it into your WordPress site is simple.

6. Postmark

Postmark is an easy to use SMTP service for marketers, websites, and businesses. It is easy to integrate into your website and guarantees fast email delivery.

This service is mainly concerned with how fast you can send your emails. It also offers email analytics, account security, mobile-friendly responsive templates, among others.

7. G-Suite

G-suite is especially suitable for businesses because it allows them to use Calendar, Google Drive, Photos, Docs, Gmail with your domain name. With G-suite, you can set up an email account for your WordPress account and still use it to send out WordPress emails to your customers. But how is this possible? It is possible because the service allows you to use Google SMTP servers to send your emails.

8. Office365

The office was initially known as Outlook. It is a popular email and productivity suite by Microsoft. Just like G-Suite, Office365 also allows you to generate professional emails for your business. This makes it anideal SMTP service for marketers andbusinesses. It offers you an opportunity to send emails from your WordPress website using Microsoft’s SMTP servers. So long as you are owning a small business and not a large company.

With this service, you can send up to 10,000 emails in a day although your regular emails are included here. if you are looking for reliable emails for your small business website, they use Office365 SMTP service!

You can easily connect your WordPress website to Office365 using the WP Mail SMTP plugin.

9. Moosend

Moosend comes with a 98% email deliverability rate and the good thing is that this SMTP service is affordable. It offers you a drag and drops email builder making it easier for you to generate great transactional emails. With Moosend, you can track your emails in real-time.

10. Pepipost

Apart from simple settings that make your work of sending bulk emails quickly, this email API and SMTP service avail a secure platform. Pepipost keeps track or your delivery rates, open rates, and notifies you about actions taken by your subscribers as well as other users.

11. Mendrill

This SMTP service was created by Malchimp making it suitable for Malchimp users in need of sending transactional emails. It is secure and efficient. It not only sends transactional emails but also eCommerce and email marketing emails. It is fitted with advanced tracking features so, it can track your open rates, delivery rates, bounce rates, and click-through rates.


Of course, there so many SMTP service providers in the marketing, and they all allow you to send bulk emails, WordPress emails, transactional emails, marketing emails, and any other email you are looking to send. Consider email deliverability, affordability as well as scalability when choosing the right SMTP service.

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