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10 Best SMTP Services for Reliable Email Marketing

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06 Jan 2021

SMTP defined

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP is an internet industry-standard in sending an email. It enhances the probability of your email being delivered successfully to the user’s inbox with proper verification. It is essential in Email Marketing.

Choosing quality SMTP Services is the key to successful and dependable Email Marketing. Here are the ten best SMTP Services for reliable Email Marketing.

1. WP Mail SMTP

It is one of the best plug-ins of WordPress SMTP, which allows the email marketer to send WordPress emails through SMTP Email Service provider. Moreover, WP Mail SMTP is easy to set up and use. You can have it free, however, upgrading it to a professional plug-in for a better experience with many features to access.

It brings the workflow and SMTP plug-in together into one, instead of separated SMTP providers. It can work with all the best email services. Besides, it has full control over WordPress email notifications. However, multi-site is not fully supported.

2. Sendinblue

It is another well-known email marketing service, which provides SMS marketing. Sendinblue is one of the top SMTP providers in the world of email marketing. It works effectively with OptinMonster and Google Analytics as well as WordPress, and in some other tools. Besides, it can enhance email delivery rates because of its API and SMTP services.

The best thing about Sendinblue is its reasonable price. It is inexpensive compared to others. Besides, it has multiple ranges of automation features suitable for email marketing, and it has a user-friendly interface. Most of all, it has a customizable email template that is suitable for everyone, even to beginners. However, its weakness is its slower support.

3. Mailgun

For developers, it is the most popular. It is working in sending, receiving, and tracking transactional emails at ease and fast. Like some other services, Mailgun is easy to operate. Smooth sending email transactions and marketing are what Mailgun brings regardless of the type of website running, whether membership website, nor eCommerce, nor any of the businesses online.

The best things about Mailgun are the following: it is more efficient compared to others, it has support testing mode, and it has an API with code examples and libraries such as Go, C#, Java, Python, and Ruby.

4. SendGrid

It is a cloud-based SMTP email service, and it means you do not need an SMTP server in managing the sending and receiving of multiple emails. Besides, you can make your email marketing campaigns.

Aside from that, SendGrid can set up at ease and able to work with any WordPress site. Besides, it also offers complete data and feedback on every email sent. It has authentication tools, which enhance the domain and IP addresses in email delivery. Most of all, it has responsive and helpful customer support.

5. Amazon SES

It is the most flexible and expandable SMTP service in sending notifications, emails, and marketing for marketers and developers. It mostly engages towards advanced users and developers; however, it provides quality features and a high level of deliverability.

Amazon SES is responsible for transactional emails such as password reset or confirmation of purchase, marketing emails such as newsletters with customized template and content, and multiple email communication such as announcements and notifications.

The best things about Amazon SES are: it can integrate quickly, optimize the deliverability, scale securely, and send messages efficiently.

6. Postmark

Postmark specializes in the transactional sending of emails and focusing on deliverability and speed. It is one of the best SMTP services in email marketing. It provides with responsive email templates for mobile that is user friendly and high level of security.

The best thing about the Postmark service is its multiple server locations in a different state. Besides, it has detailed analysis providing email logs that shows the email sent, receive, the receiver, the viewer, and the one who marked it as spam; and it is free for 45 days.

However, it is the most expensive SMTP service but worth the price.

7. G Suite

G Suite can provide you with professional email address business even still hanging onto the knowledge about Google interface. Moreover, it lets you access everything you need, such as Google Drive, calendar, Docs, and others with your domain.

The best thing about this SMTP service is that it is cheaper than the other services, and it is suitable for small businesses with reliable communications. However, it has limited messages to send per day.

8. Moosend

Mooseend is a transactional SMTP service, which consists of a drag and drop email planner and makes designing transactional email at ease. It lets you create and send an email and track them in real-time. It is one of the most affordable SMTP services; however, it comes with 98 percent of the deliverability rate.

The best thing about Moosend is its reasonable price of plans, easy to use with simple testing options, excellent customer support, and its advanced list of segmentation tools.

9. Mandrill

Mandrill is a creation of Mailchimp. It is well-organized and secured in sending email transactions for Mailchimp users. It is responsible for sending marketing and eCommerce emails and contains advanced tracking that can monitor the click rates, bounce rates, and even the open rates for the Mailchimp emails.

It only works with Mailchimp. It is easy to integrate and reliable with the Mailchimp platform.

10. Pepipost

It provides a safe platform for sending emails. The setting is simple, which makes it at ease in connecting and sending multiple emails in speed. Like other SMTP services, Pepipost can monitor the delivery rates, bounce rates, open rates, and even unsubscribe notification and some other actions by the users.

Pepipost is an SMTP service with simple HTTP APIs, which is simple and easy to integrate and understand by users. Besides, it has 24/7 support and real-time report.

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