Our Software is Like Having 100 Data Entry Assistants working 24/7 in your Office

Have you ever employed data entry assistants to search Google, social media or business directories for business leads and copy and paste results into a spreadsheet? You'll agree that this is a slow, expensive and monotonous process. Running our software is the same as having a hundred data entry professionals in your office searching and copying and pasting business data into a spreadsheet. Just like you give your data entry instructions, you can also give our software instructions. The only difference is that our software will cost you the fraction of the price and will get the job done at lightning fast speeds to meet even the most pressing deadlines. What's more is that our software will not quit on you and deliver every time! Our software is best summarised by one of our clients who compared it to having a hundred data entry assistants in your office working 24/7.

Helping Struggling Businesses Reduce Costs and Find New Business Opportunities During Covid-19 Crisis

Many businesses had to close down during Covid-19 pandemic due to cash flow problems. CBT Web Scraper and Email Extractor is helping many businesses to cut their costs and weather these difficult economic times caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Due to tighter budgets, not every business can afford to employ data entry assistants for lead generation and wait for extended periods of time for the work to be delivered. Our software has already helped many businesses to save costs and exploit new business opportunities by digging deeper when it comes to lead generation.

The 3 Step Process for Boosting your Sales

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Generate quality and accurate sales leads for your business niche with laser precision and on complete auto pilot.
Engage your B2B marketing tactics to connect with your prospects via email blasts, newsletters, telesales, social media and direct mail.
Turn prospects into your clients, negotiate contracts, make money and keep on scaling your business.

End Game: Get New Clients, Boost Sales

Are you looking to improve your wholesale sales and take your business to another level? Generate your own sales leads for free and say goodbye to expensive marketing lists. For example, if you are a Hemp and CBD company, you may want to scrape data for cosmetics and beauty, sports nutrition and vitamin shops and then contact them with your wholesale hemp and CBD products. It is a no brainer. As a wholesaler, your sole objective is to sell to other businesses. The CBT lead generation software is a bridge that will connect you to your B2B prospects. The CBT website scraper and email extractor will allow you to generate niche targeted sales leads directly into an Excel spreadsheet file on a complete auto pilot. Simply input your keywords, configure your settings and watch the magic happen! This is not yet another scraper but a one-stop-shop for scraping and extracting data from all popular search engines, business directories, maps, social media sites and your own website lists into a single Excel file with complete niche precision. You can then use the scraped sales leads for all forms of B2B marketing such as email blasts, newsletters, telesales and social media campaigns.

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Key Features of CBT Lead Generation Software


Comprehensive Sales Leads

The website scraper extracts the company name, address, telephone number, website, geo location data, social media links, meta title and meta description and much more.

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Scrape Multiple Platforms Concurrently

The software supports the scraping of all the top platforms including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Google Maps, Yellow Pages, Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, your own website list and much more!

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Remote Google Recaptcha Solving

The website has an integrated 2captcha remote captcha solving service for uninterrupted scraping and will bypass most types of captchas including Google recaptcha version 2 and 3.

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Proprietary Meta Content Filters

You can configure your keywords inside content filters that must be present in website meta title, meta description and html body content. This will enable you to scrape niche relevant data.

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Anti-Crash Technology

The software has an independent manager that will restart the scraper and resume from the last position in case the website scraper crashes which makes it perfect for unattended scraping jobs.

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Project Auto Saving

The software will automatically create a project folder and auto save your results in real time every few minutes. The folder and the results file will have the same name as your project name.

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Multi-Threading and Speed Settings

Depending on your PC configuration, you can run the software using multiple threads and determine the the total number of results to scrape per keyword.

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Re-Scrape Missing Data

You can always re-scrape your existing CSV file. The software will try to find and extract any data that is missing from your records. This will help to ensure that your sales leads are complete.

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Clean, Merge and Split your CSV Files

You can merge multiple CSV spreadsheet files using our merger tool, split your CSV spreadsheet files by the total number of records or by country and clean your emails using email list cleaner.

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Time for Life-Changing Choices

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Need More convincing? Here's Why We're the No. 1 Lead Generation Software


Blazing Fast Performance. The software runs at blazing speeds even on multiple threads.


AI filters and settings help to generate niche-relevant data with laser precision.

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The software is presently only compatible with Windows and Windows VPSs.

Basically, this is how it all works...

The Software Finds you Prospective Clients

Are you tired of stagnant sales? Do you feel like you are hitting the wall and that your hard work is not paying off? We have taken out the heavy lifting out of the lead generation equation to leave you time and money to connect with your prospects and make money!

Turbocharge your sales with the world's most powerful lead generation software that generates an insane return on equity every time. Our cutting-edge software from Creative Bear Tech offers a turnkey solution that will help you to scrape targeted sales leads and skyrocket your sales in no time.

Website Scraper and Email Extractor is a revolutionary lead generation software
Search Engine Scraper and Email Extractor Software by Creative Bear Tech

Here's How the Magic Happens

In simple terms, the software will go out to all search engines, business directories, Google Maps and social media channels and find and extract data from websites matching your business niche using a set of proprietary filters and artificial intelligence. It will then save all the extracted business contact details from all sources into a single Excel sheet. You can then use these sales leads for B2B email blasts, newsletters, guest posting outreach for link building and off-page SEO, telesales, direct mail marketing and social media campaigns.

 Scrape Business Leads with laser precision
 One-Click Solution
Proprietary technology and AI

The Software is Dead Simple to Use: Made for Business Owners, not Tech Wizards

The website scraper is dead easy to use. All you have to do is input your keywords, configure the settings, select the platforms you would like to scrape. The website scraper will then search for businesses matching your niche and extract the business contact details from them. All extracted data is exported into a single Excel spreadsheet file.

Search Engine Scraper and Email Extractor Harvester Grabber
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